Wednesday, September 26, 2007

U.S. Wine Consumption 2007

Wine consumption in the United States has been rising slowly and consistently over the last 11 years. Various sources put consumption of wine by American adults at 25 to 33 percent. The core wine drinkers (people who drink wine at least once per week) make up about half of this group. The rest are marginal wine drinkers. According to Euromonitor International, U.S. yearly per capita consumption of wine is 12 liters, up from 10.6 liters in 2000. While French wine remains popular, market share has been lost to lower-priced wines from other countries. Americans are drinking more imported wines from countries such as Italy, Australia, Spain, Chile, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, and South Africa.

According to Wine Institute estimates, wine sales in the United States from all sources grew five percent to 703 million gallons (26.6 million hectoliters) in 2005. The estimated retail value of wine shipments from all sources to the United States is $26 billion.6 Good growth was seen in wines priced $7 per bottle and above.

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